Happy birthday to Faith Ringgold, born on this day in 1930 in Harlem, New York City. Ringgold is known for her narrative quilts, in which she fuses her training in the fine arts with her familial quilt-making and story-telling traditions to communicate her experience as an African American woman. In this quilt, Ringgold transforms her memories of childhood in Harlem to depict eight-year-old Cassie Louise Lightfoot’s dream of freedom.”Tar Beach 2" Quilt, 1990, by Faith Ringgold (Faith Ringgold © 1990)

Persian ‘zodiac’ rug, probably Kerman area, south west Persia, early 20th century, 6ft. 7in. X 4ft. 4in. 2.01m. X 1.32m.

Textile design with signs of the zodiac, c.1940, Elza Sunderland.
"Brighton Bandstand"Limited Edition Embroidery7/25**This canvas is created solely with the use of stitch and textile pieces it is not a print or painting.Freehand machine embroidery on white cotton drill fabric using an eclectic mix of reclaimed, recycled and new fabrics. All canvases are neatly backed with gingham fabric and come complete with fixed hanger so all you have to do is find the perfect place to hang it! Each is beautifully packaged to ensure they arrive to you in perfect condition. Approx size 6 inches x 6 inches. 15 cm x 15 cm x (38mm gallery wrap) If you can’t find the colour or size you’re looking for please just drop me a message :)Copyright of gillian bates. All rights reserved 2014
Broderie sur carton, broderie sur tissu, broderie contemporaine, art brutdessin au fil, broderie libreRieko Koga
Cheveux crochetés mère-fille-été 2012
Gravures brodées, broderie contemporaine, dessin au fil,Dessin brodé, miniature, créatures, comédie, superposition, contes, humanité, teinture, peinture...Hélène Duclos

Khamak shawl, Afghanistan

Khamak is a fine hand embroidery technique. By counting the threads of the fabric weave in order to stitch geometric shapes with silk-thread, this art form is specifically precise. Khamak is unique to Kandahar and is considered by art experts to be one of the world’s finest embroidery techniques

@ Asia Pacific Traditional Craft Exhibition Hangzhou 2013
La felicidad de usar ropa con la que te sientes cómoda.



La felicidad de usar ropa con la que te sientes cómoda. De saber que encajas (en ella; en tu propia concepción de ti). De sentir cómo es la ropa la que se adapta a ti y no tú la que (infructuosamente, debo decirlo) trata de adaptarse a ella.

Por mucho tiempo supe que lo mío rara vez serían…


The material is an unusual silk Edo komon remnant of foxes running in fields with their tails aloft. Foxes are often associated with tales of the supernatural, so it is interesting to speculate as to the original textile, and its wearer.
via Daily Japanese Textile

the years fell, and grew into vines by Michelle Kingdom on Flickr

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